Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2017 - 1 quarter down...here's what I love so far... (video form)

A little past the ¼ pole of 2017….here is a look at my favorite songs of the year so far. (in no particular order)

Elbow – Magnificent

Their 7th full length is right up there with their best yet, and the lead single is a BIG reason why…

Elbow – Little Fictions

Pretty obvious, I love the record…

Spoon – Hot Thoughts

Title track off another spectacular record…

Ryan Adams – Do You Still Love Me

There are like 9 different era’s of rock ALL rolled into 1 with the lead track from the new album…

Aimee Mann – Rollercoasters

Mental Illness is an incredible album…and this is my favorite from it…

Bonus – Look what I found
Ted Leo and Aimee Mann – Voices Carry

No words needed

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