Thursday, December 7, 2017

My Favorite Songs of 2017 - Part 1

A random list of songs that really stood out this year, in no particular order, here are 10....

Passing Thing – Froth
Opening band for Ride in Boston, I was moved to the core by the power of the entire song. A band to keep an eye on, especially if shoegaze continues to grow

Love The City That Loves You Back – Pet Symmetry
I am a sucker for anything Evan Weiss is involved in, from the subtle sounds of his main project Into It, Over It, to this, a much more amped up jolt of pop punk.

Ugly Luck – Citizen
Just like above, and falling for anything Weiss, the producer of the Citizen record Will Yip, can do no wrong in my eyes. After achieving greatness with the Balance and Composure and Nothing records last year, I hoped for more from the Citizen record. Not great over all, but I really like this song.

Hot Thoughts – Spoon
So good, I also bought the (same version) 12” single on Record Store Day this year. They find a groove VERY quickly here, and don’t let it go at all.

Cherry Hearts – The Shins
The Shins, and frontman James Mercer, have never been afraid to forge new ground and sound, putting it on full display throughout the entire 2017 release, Heartworms. Of these adventures, Cherry Hearts is definitely the stand out track.

The Man – The Killers
As I write this out, I still don’t know if I even LIKE the new record - or think it is a lot of filler with one really great song. Nonetheless, The Man IS a really great song.

Happy To Be Here – Julien Baker
The words, the voice, the unexpected “get” of the fourth “then why”…..not many songs make every hair on my arms stand up….this is one

Lonsdale Avenue – Ted Leo
Like the Julien Baker song: the words and subject matter are moving as anything, solo voice and guitar, and I have had the pleasure of seeing it performed live.

Waxahatchee – Never Been Wrong
The Crutchfield twins, Katie (here) and Alison (solo in January) both released records this year. If it’s a sibling rivalry, score one for Katie and her band. Angst, fury, passion.

Magnificent (She Said) – Elbow
If I went deeper on the record to just throw a curve ball, I would be deceitful of the very name of the post. Since January, this has been one of my favorites, and I have only grown to love it more as the year has gone on, punctuated with a perfect rendition live in NYC in November.

Part 2 to come soon! And then? The top 12 Albums of the Year!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2017 - 1 quarter's what I love so far... (video form)

A little past the ¼ pole of 2017….here is a look at my favorite songs of the year so far. (in no particular order)

Elbow – Magnificent

Their 7th full length is right up there with their best yet, and the lead single is a BIG reason why…

Elbow – Little Fictions

Pretty obvious, I love the record…

Spoon – Hot Thoughts

Title track off another spectacular record…

Ryan Adams – Do You Still Love Me

There are like 9 different era’s of rock ALL rolled into 1 with the lead track from the new album…

Aimee Mann – Rollercoasters

Mental Illness is an incredible album…and this is my favorite from it…

Bonus – Look what I found
Ted Leo and Aimee Mann – Voices Carry

No words needed