Monday, December 21, 2015

The BEST records of 2015 #10-1

As the year winds down, the conductor has left the stage, the music is fading out. While not as prolific as 2013, nor as top heavy as last year, 2015 offered a wide range of fun, diversified and fresh records, from artists new and old. What follows is my top 10 for the year. And while all are great in their own respect, the top album this year would not crack the top 4 (Elvis Costello, NIN, The Lonely Forest, Sterophonics) from 2013, nor the top 3 (Nothing, Elbow, Jack White) of 2014.

A couple of quick points before we move forward:
• You will not find Adele on this list. I can only rank/review the records I purchased and were released during the calendar year, and as much as I find her voice tremendous, and her material well rounded, I did not pick up 25.
• As always, and I include this with ANY list I create, this is PURELY subjective, and MY list. I do not look at any other year-end lists (other than an incidental click on twitter here or there) to base mine off of, nor do I fall along the “mainstream aisle” way of thinking. These are the records that I like. My goal, with any list I put together, is give you the reader, maybe ONE new band/album to listen to that you may never have heard of, or thought to seek out.

With that said, the normal rules apply:
No Comps
No “Live” records
No “Best Of” records

10: Stereophonics – “Keep The Village Alive”
9: Ben Folds – “So There”
8: Silversun Pickups – “Better Nature”
7: Faith No More – “Sol Invictus”
6: Sleater Kinney – “No Cities To Love”
5: Beach House – “Depression Cherry”
4: Guy Garvey – “Courting The Squals”
3: Death Cab For Cutie – “Kintsugi”
2: Jake Evans – “Day One”
1: Chvches – “Every Open Eye