Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My Mid-Year 2016 Ultimate Summer Playlist

The Mid-Year Play List

It’s amazing how in some cases, time can stand still, and in others, it seems to fly by. The genesis of this list, definitely stems from the latter. From time to time, I struggle with a bit of writers exhaustion, my self-described deference to the word “block”. While putting together the top 10 of the 90s list, I suddenly felt this exhaustion. I WANT to write about #6….but the words are just coming out tired. So, Plan B as it may be, is to reflect back on the speedy half year of music and develop a summer play list. As most of you know, I am not the world’s biggest digital music connoisseur, as I would rather hold a record in hand, study the cover art, pour over the liner notes, and watch the needle of a turntable move closer and closer to the middle of the black circle. That said, I TOTALLY get the appeal of Spotify, Tidal..etc… for everyday consumption. In that spirit, what follows is a “one song per artist” list of my favorite songs of the first half of 2016….and yes….one of them IS in digital form on my iPhone. (and in the spirit of every mixed tape/CD I ever made, I also tracked the list for listening pleasure and cohesion purposes. Shuffle as you wish)

Pinegrove – Old Friends (from the album “Cardinal”)
Atop (the close relative of upon) most critics "best of the year" lists...with very due cause.

Steve Gunn – Ancient Jewels (from the album “Eyes On The Lines”)
I worried a few songs into this release, that I accidently bought a Dead and Friends record...still not sure to be honest...

Weezer – California Kids (from the album “Weezer – the White Album”)
Rivers and the boys take their talents to South Beach...er... Cali.

Mudcrutch – Beautiful World (from the album “Mudcrutch2”)
Surprisingly, my favorite from the record is not a Petty-led tune. And that's, ok.

Catfish And The Bottleman – 7 (from the album “The Ride”)
Is this the newest act to try and claim the UK throne? Wonder how they feel about BrExit....

case/lang/veirs – Best Kept Secret (from the album “case/lang/veris”)
"Who are three women who have never been in my kitchen, Alex"

Band Of Horses – Casual Party (from the album “Why Are You Ok”)
When I usually think Band of Horses, upbeat pop number falls about 34257th on the list of things i think...

Nada Surf – Cold To See Clear (from the album “You Know Who You Are”)
Matthew Caws and company return with a dynamic record opener...and a video ode to PowerPoint

Bob Mould – You Say You (from the album “Patch The Sky”)
Honestly, I could have chosen any of the first 4 songs of the album...and changed my mind a few times.

Nothing – A.C.D. (from the album “Tired Of Tomorrow”)
Still probably at the top of my list for record of the year...but, you know, 6 more months to go...

Real Friends – Mess (from the album “The Home Inside My Head”)
Token pop-punk tune for the list, other wise known as "Preston's ears perk up"

Into It Over It – Closing Argument (from the album “Standards”)
One of the best names for a band going...even if it really is just one dude making all of the music...

The Hotelier – You In This Light (from the album “Goodness”)
Winner for the coveted "Record Cover I'm embarrassed to have out and displayed in my home" award...but a damn catchy album

Gaz Coombes –Detroit (from the album “Matador”)
Going by the U.S. release date on this one, as it has been a hit in the UK for about a year now...

Radiohead – Daydreaming (from the album “A Moon Shaped Pool”)
Could have gone a few different ways off of this masterpiece of a return from Yorke and Co.

Paul Simon – Insomniac’s Lullaby (from the album “Stranger To Stranger”)
Still AWESOME after all these years...probably crazy too. And shorter, I really think he is shrinking...

So, there it is....

I like ending on a slow, soft, "goodbye" note, and the newest from Paul Simon does just that.


What if we wanted to keep it going....

...and end on the perfect summer song?


Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling (single edition)
Two words...Man Crush...

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